7 Weight Loss Mistakes

Weight loss is not an easy process, and it takes some time for the amazing weight loss results. People around the world spent a lot to lose weight. For example, according to US News, Americans spend about $60 billion each year to lose weight.  However, many people end up with no visible results. This is because of the reason that you are not following the right way to lose weight. If you ask “how to lose weight” to your friends, everyone will suggest something different. Don’t always listen to the people because everyone has a different metabolism and reaction to various conditions.

7 Weight Loss Mistakes

If you keen to lose weight, you should be familiar with the common weight loss mistakes. If you don’t overcome the small bad habits, you will not be able to shed off some pounds. The following are some of the common mistakes that you should be familiar with. 

  1. There is a Quick Way to Lose Weight

As said earlier, there is no magical thing that could help you in weight loss, but you have to be patient. Most of the people are always in a hurry to lose weight, and they try strange items such as green tea extract, weight loss pills, and various other juices and shakes. All these items cost a lot, and they don’t work at all.

  • You Forget to Keep Hydration

Losing weight doesn’t mean drinking less water. If you don’t drink enough water, you will be hungry in no time. Drinking more water increases hydration and suppresses your appetite. It is also essential for the cell to function properly. Moreover, water also promotes detoxification that causes weight loss. 

  • Less Sleep

Sleep is directly related to weight loss. There are two hormones that take part, and those are leptin and ghrelin, the satiety and hunger hormones, respectively. Low sleep causes leptin to drop and ghrelin to increase, and this is how you feel hungry. It is an evident fact when you sleep more, and you eat less. So always sleep more than 6 hours a day.

  • Too Many or Too Few Calories

Starting the weight loss journey requires a balanced diet. It means if you eat too many calories, you are going to gain weight. On the other hand, if you consume low calories, then there will be some side effects such as loss of muscle mass and slow metabolism, as suggested by Leanne M Redman’s study.

  • Unrealistic Expectations

Always have realistic expectations and don’t go for unrealistic expectations. Unrealistic goals and expectations yield nothing but disappointment. When you make realistic goals, you will understand that weight loss is a gradual process, and it requires some time to show amazing results.

  • Cutting Too Many Carbs

No one can deny the importance of carbs for a healthy body and weight management. Cutting too many carbs will not be a wise decision. Carbs are an excellent source of energy, and they store water as well. Eat healthy carbs by consuming nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and beans. However, always refrain from sugary drinks and food items.

  • No Physical Activity

Well, physical activities are very important when it comes to weight loss. Losing weight is not easy without any physical activity. Do some weight lifting and burn extra calories in no time. It will also boost the metabolism and help fat burning.  

Final Words

This article discusses the top 7 mistakes you are doing in your weight loss journey. If you overcome these mistakes, you can see amazing results. Hopefully, this article will give enough knowledge to move in the right direction.

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