Electric Cars VS Hydrogen Cars

As time has changed, we can’t survive without technology. We are utilizing several technologies these days for different reasons, and cars are one of them. By cars, we not only mean the usual, old mechanism of cars, but there are hydrogen cars, and electric cars as well. Both cars have different mechanisms but work well for us.

 How Do Electric Cars Work?

They can serve us in many ways with various technological advancements. Electric cars are known to be one of the most beneficial inventions. They use electricity to operate which saves us from pollution.

The facts make them free from the inner combustion system of a car, making it greener for the environment. Electric cars don’t use any fossil fuels; hence they never produce harmful gases.

What Are Hydrogen-Powered Cars?

Now comes the hydrogen-powered cars, they use a unique and advantageous mechanism to operate without harming the ecosystem. Moreover, they also share an electric car mechanism. Hydrogen cars also use electricity to run but it doesn’t have a battery like an electric car. Instead, it has a tank that needs to be filled with hydrogen.

The world’s most abundant element of hydrogen is taken by the car into the fuel cell. The fuel tank mixes hydrogen with oxygen to produce electricity. The mixing of hydrogen and oxygen produces water and heat. The electrochemical reaction is the reason why electricity is produced by a mixture of two elements.

Comparing Both Cars

When we talk about the beneficial properties of both the cars and their comparison, we have some factors on which we can focus to know about the best.

·      Driving Range

Considering the driving range of both cars, hydrogen-powered cars have better ranges. We can’t get to the ranges as they depend on the vehicle’s model, air conditioning, number of passengers, and the road on which the car is running. But usually, it can run up to 350 miles. Whereas electric cars have a shorter driving range of about 100 miles.

·      Number of Refueling Stations

Now, the number of refueling stations is crucial to know the significance of the related cars. The infrastructure and mechanism are better of the electric cars as compared to the hydrogen ones. Moreover, the refueling stations of electric cars are reaching the point of 20,000 in the U.S whereas there are only 25 refueling stations for hydrogen cars.

·      Powering Hours

Powering hours matters a lot especially when you have more running hours and traveling routine. Hydrogen tank needs about 6 to 8 minutes like a patrol car to refuel, whereas, a battery of an electric car requires about half an hour to charge over 80%. But it also depends on the vehicles’ model. Some models even take 4 hours to charge the battery completely.

We can’t declare any of these cars to superior over others, as both are beneficial in their ways. both cars are eco-friendly as they are not polluting the earth’s atmosphere. Moreover, the features are to help you figure out which one is suitable for you.

Either it is about hydrogen or electricity, for both we need to burn fossils fuels or use other polluting ways. Therefore, hydrogen and electric cars are greener for the environment but the ways of utilizing resources are not beneficial and we should work on that.

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