How Artificial Intelligence Can Help with Finding A Cure for COVID-19

Two months ago, the idea of universal lockdown would have sounded absurd. Over half of the population of the world ordered to stay at their home. Cities have imposed closures of shops. Schools to reduce gathering and social interaction. This can help to overcome the spread of the virus and keep the health system from breaking up. Researchers are gathering together to fight against this global virus together. During these crises, AI applied in three major areas;

  • Development of antibiotics and vaccination
  • Resources providence at medical centers
  • Labor measures

How Can the World’s Best Researchers Work Together?

Specialists can unify resources for the most hopeful investigations and disregard. Considering that they are not going to yield significant arrangements. They are permitting the exploration network and arrangement producers. This can help to settle on quicker choices about organizing time and assets. Only on the consideration that is going to succeed.

During crises, many countries and nations are collaborating for the cure through AI. No hit and trial method will work. Using food with antimicrobial properties, can’t confirm the prevention of this disease.

Severe conditions

The most disease of this virus occurs when the following are affected

  1. Liver enzyme levels (ALT)

High levels of Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) seen in 80% of severe COVID patients.

  • Myalgia

Muscle aches developed in almost all patients with increased severity.

  • Levels of hemoglobin

High levels of oxygen-carrying proteins were also linked to severe respiratory malfunctioning. Below mentioned are some AI applications in fighting against this voracious disease,

  • AI Tool!

Worldwide Researchers and scientific teams are trying their best to break all grounds but find a cure for this deadly virus. Some scientists have developed an AI tool to deal with the pandemic. The right tool in the right hands must be done to make out its full use.

The powered tool works by identifying patterns in past guidance data. AI has the potential to exceed humans through speed, and by detecting patterns in that training data.

  • Video consultations!

The UK has made the best efforts to protect its health staff against this sickness. A digital software app developed to allow medical officers to deal with corona patients directly but remotely. The diet plan, the antibiotics, the consulting time with the doctor, is through this digitalized system.

  • Thermometer gun!

The Chinese company has produced a thermal gun that gives results in 20 seconds, with a 96% accuracy rate. Over 50 million-plus guns made and shipped off worldwide. This gun is an alternative for simple thermometers. Placed on the forehead, this gun calculates your body temperature. The drastic rise in body temperature is the first confirmed symptom of this virus.

Another wave of the same infection might come back in the future. As we try to move to report our present issues, we have to keep on preventing these symptoms in every way possible. Invention and information experts are challenging presumptions and looking out for new associations related to coronavirus. It is this coordinated human effort that will empower AI, making it an incredible asset.

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