How Can Social-Network Companies Control Your Emotions?

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a life devoid of social media ad social networking websites. According to a study, the average person spends at least three to four hours on social media every day. This time is almost equal to the time that a person spent on other activities like eating and drinking.

Folks are more likely to use social networking websites when they’re experiencing a negative emotion because engaging at social media website provides u an escape or distraction from these negative emotions and feelings. These negative emotions can be boredom, vulnerability to deal with any situation, anger,  and sadness.  But have you ever tried to notice the other side of the picture? The fact is that social networking sites and companies can control your emotion and influence your tendency to react towards them.

How Are Social Networking Companies Controlling and Influencing Emotion?

It is said that social network companies are treating their users’ as lab rats for experiments. Facebook performed a secret psychological experiment on its users.  Facebook deliberately tampered the news feeds of approximately seventy lakh people.

 They showed an aberrantly low number of positive posts to half of the people, and half of the people showed fewer negative posts. The experiment was designed to determine whether the company could alter the emotions or mental state of users or not?

The results were quite surprising, and Investigators found that people with more negative comments posted more negative comments, and people with positive comments posted positive things. Yes, it is a sad fact that these social networking sites are controlling people’s emotions and play with their minds.

According to one more study, the exaggerated use of social networking sites also has an impact on mental health. Uninterrupted use of these social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can lead to anxiety, depression, loneliness, and feelings of isolation. The extended time spent on social media can also destructively impact your personal associations with family, friends, and colleagues.

How to Avoid The Manipulation of Social Networking Companies?

Its high time to think and reframe your perspective regarding social media networking sites to avoid manipulation of your emotions. It is also high time to set your priorities regarding social networking sites to help your mental well-being.  It is also very crucial to understand your news feeds, status updates of others, and the photos you see only show the one side of the picture. There is also another flip side of the picture to understand the situation and react. It’s your foremost duty to take care of your mental health and don’t allow any social networking company to control your emotions or life.

One more thing to remember that live your “real life, not just your screen or “social media life.” There is another real-world which needs your true emotions, so minimize your social media time. Try to spare time to enjoy life with family and friends rather than spending time on social media.

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