Medical Masks, How They are Made How Do They Filter Viruses

The medical mask is a type of face cover that prevents people from spreading diseases, especially respiratory infections. It covers the nose and mouth that is the main pathway to take air in and out. A medical mask is the best thing that limits the spread of germs.

Almost every doctor wear a medical mask when they are in the surgical room or even during normal checkup of the patient. A common individual can also use it either when they are in a public place, or when they have any disease.

Types Of medical Mask

The medical mask has two types as,

  1. Surgical Mask

When a person wears a surgical mask, then it fits loosely, prevents him from viruses that spread through coughing, and sneezing. The general public can use this face mask.

  1. N95 respirator

N95 is a type of mask that fits more tightly around nose and month and prevent users even from smaller infectious particles in the air.

How the Masks Are Made?

A medical mask is made with material that has bacteria and virus filtration efficiency. Non-woven fabric like plastic is used in it to make it less slippy, and polypropylene or polyester use to give it a filter nature. Medical masks have a multilayered structure as if one layer cant filter the virus; then, the other layer must do it. The filtration capacity of a mask depends upon the type of fiber used in it. Medical mask work as a lifesaver, so the manufacturer knows about its duty and not compromise on the type of fabric.

Before manufactured mask released in the industry, factories check or test its mask by a proper testing method as, bacterial and viruses test, how much filtration capacity of a mask, is its wearer breath properly or not mean work as a ventilator, is it has resistance against fire.

How Medical Mask Filter Virus

The chance of infection and virus diseases can be reduced by the medical mask. When a mask wearer breath air in, then germ and virus stick on the outer side of the mask, and he takes pure air inside. The most important thing is that face mask keeps you remind that not touch your mouth and nose with a dirty hand.

A medical mask can filter the virus when a person who have any respiratory or other spreading diseases, and he sneezes or coughs in the open air. Then, this germ can live in the air and inhale by another person easily who passes through the place, but a healthy person will safe if wear mask.

Therefore if an ill person wears this medical mask, then he saves others from getting his germs and virus.  Make sure to use one mask at one time because different germ may stick on your mask, and when you wear it again, then these germs can reach the lungs and cause diseases.


A medical mask is the best way to keep a person away from the disease; it can prevent measles, flu, and many other diseases like this. Medical masks are used to prevent virus diseases like COVID 19, which is a wide-spreading and fatal disease in the entire world recently.  Doctors use medical masks to save their patients.

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