Renewable Energy in Dubai

Dubai is truly a faithful depiction of the globalized modern world. With its diverse residents and state of the art infrastructure, it acts as a window into the future. In recent years, the focus of Dubai’s administration has shifted towards creating a sustainable and environment friendly ecosystem. With this goal in mind, various renewable projects are ongoing in Dubai.

The renewable energy boom is backed by the government’s “Green Agenda”. This involves shifting Dubai towards clean energy by increasing its share in the energy output. Clear targets have been set to realize this goal. This includes 7% clean energy share by 2020, 25% clean energy share by 2030 and 75% clean energy share by 2050.

Dubai Green Zone

Dubai Green Zone was created to showcase Dubai’s great desire for adopting a green lifestyle. The purpose of this zone is to attract the world’s leading renewable energy companies so that their investment can fast track the process of sustainable energy growth in Dubai. To facilitate the investment process, a private joint stock company called Dubai Carbon has been established.

In order to set the tone for the investors, the UAE government has made major investments in the renewable energy projects present with the Green Zone. The government has invested over $ 150 billion so far with the expectation that it will save nearly $200 billion in energy costs over the course of next 30 years. 

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park – the world’s largest solar park

In terms of major achievements in the domain of renewable energy projects, the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park has to be the biggest in recent times. Announced by Dubai Electric and Water Authority (DEWA) in 2012, it aims to produce 5000 MW of electricity with an estimated investment of $13.6 billion. This can have a huge impact on the welfare of the environment. It is estimated that it can cut down annual carbon emissions by 6.5 million tons.

Currently, the plant is able to produce 1013 MW of energy and solar panels capable of producing around 1850 MW of energy are under construction. The park aims to increase its capacity in upcoming phases. The goal is to reach a capacity of 5000 MW by 2030. This would make it the largest solar park in the world. It would truly be a landmark achievement in terms of progress towards the “Green Agenda”.

Projects in Hatta

Hatta is an exclave of Dubai and it is subject to various renewable energy projects as well. One such project is a 250 MW hydroelectric power plant. The survey of the site began in December 2019. The project will make use of water from the Hatta dam for generating electricity. The project will serve as an alternate green energy source along with the various solar energy projects.

Similarly, the possibility of expanding into wind energy has been explored as well. In July 2019, DEWA invited companies to submit their feasibility studies for a wind energy power generation project in the Hatta region.

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