Talc Powder Safety

The talc powder you use every day has so much to tell you. People wonder about what is talc powder and what are the safety concerns? Talc powder is the powdered, and refined form of talc, which is the softest mineral on earth. People are using these powders from the times of Egyptians.

Why Talc Powder Is Popular Over Centuries?

The popular staple of the household is widely used for different reasons from a diaper rash to daily cosmetic addition. Along with the fragrant, and smooth nature, the powder has a link with life-threatening diseases like cancers. Especially, the usage of such powders by females on their private parts can cause ovarian cancer.

Baby Talc Powder by Johnson And Johnson

Johnson and Johnson is the widely used and famous brand for baby essentials including, baby talcum powder. Johnson and Johnson focus on the quality and work for the tested chemicals, but we can’t ignore the fact that talc powder has some serious, and severe health risks.

Presence of Asbestos

Asbestos is a substance that is known to be responsible for causing cancer upon inhaling. The presence of asbestos links talc to cancers. Not every talc portion contains asbestos but mostly it’s present in it.

Various Studies and Researches About the Talc Powder Safety

CTFA also asked to make talc-free products in 1976, because of the risk factors. More than 6000 cases were reported against Johnson and Johnson from which mostly there were women with ovarian cancer. Due to this, Johnson and Johnson had to stop manufacturing a large number of talc-based baby powder.

The talc itself can be the reason behind the increased risks of ovarian cancers. Moreover, the asbestos in the talc also causes health risks in babies, women, and men. There are many studies from the 1970s, showing the downside of talc powder usage.

A session of the superior court found Johnson and Johnson guilty for providing contaminated talc-based baby powder. Scientists have found talc particles within the tumors. Different studies and researches have shown evidence, and results of links between talc powder, and ovarian cancers.

The study of 2014 shows a different side, and are less favorable for the connection between both. The study was based on about 60,000 women. IARC is the part of WHO, declared the talc to be the possible cause of such cancers, but only the talc with asbestos. The inhalation of talc powder was also proved to be harmful to the lungs, says center for disease control and prevention.

What We Can Do to Avoid Risks Factors?

Johnson and Johnson’s talc powder is not safe according to various researches, and studies, but there are measures we can take to save our lives from any talc powder.

  • Don’t use talc powder directly on the genitals, and baby’s private parts.
  • Avoid using on the face, as inhalation can cause problems.
  • Shake it on your hand, before applying it to the baby’s body.
  • Keep it away from the eyes, and nose.


To save our babies, women, and men, we should avoid the regular or frequent use of talc powder. Instead, we can go for alternatives like cornstarch, baking soda, arrowroot powder, zinc-based rash creams, and more.

Be it Johnson and Johnson’s talc powder or some other brand, usage of talc powder is not favorable for your health, but you can use it sometimes with the safety measures to avoid mishaps.

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