What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is a multi-discipline field of science, research, and innovation. It is linked with building ‘things and structures, materials, and devices on molecular levels or even atomic levels. Nano is extremely small and one-billionth of a meter. Ordinary rules of science, physics, and chemistry are not applicable in Nanotechnologies. Devices and things prepared through Nanotechnology are based on different rules of conductivity, relativity, and transmission. Devices and things prepared by nanotechnologies are more durable, strong, and lighter. For example, carbon “nanotubes” are hundred times sturdier than steel but more lighter.

Approaches in Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology can be understood better as the addition of existing sciences into the Nanoscale, or as a re-forming of existing sciences using a newer, but modern term on Nanoscale.

Two main approaches are the foundation of nanotechnology.

  • First is the “bottom-up” approach, and in this approach, constituents and devices are constructed from molecular components .these components gather themselves chemically by principles of “molecular recognition.”
  • Another approach is the “top-down” approach; in this approach, Nano-objects are built from larger entities and having no atomic-level control.

 Scope of Nanotechnology

The scope and premises of Nanotechnology are very vast. According to the high promises of nanotechnology, the potential in this field is also so high. Many governments and researches believe that nanotechnology will bring about a new era of productivity and wealth. We can observe that public investment in nanotechnology research and development has mounted enormously during the past decade. Numerous daily use and commercial products are currently available in the market, which depends on Nanotechnologies and processes:

 Advantages and Application of Nanotechnology

After extensive research and development, Nanotechnology is considerably improving, even revolutionizing many industry sectors. Different sectors like IT(Information technology), security, medication, conveyance, food safety, and environmental science, and many more are taking benefit from nanotechnologies. Described below is a list of advantages and applications of Nanotechnology.

  • Nanotechnology can bring revolution in the field of science and technology. Provisions that are built on the Nano-scale can be helpful in the encapsulation of certain drugs. These nano supplies protect and secrete the enclosed drugs in a slow and controlled manner in the targeted area of the human body. it is the nanotechnology which enable us to peep in human body
  • Nanotechnologies based water flitters do better water purifications. These systems are cheaper, reliable, and have better functions. Some Nanotechnologies help to neutralize the toxins in the water.
  • Researchers are trying to manipulating the crops’ hereditary material, working on a Nanotechnology scale with organic molecules to get a better harvest and cultivation.
  • application of Nano-technology in the field of sustainable and solar energy provides us clear environment uninterrupted supply of energy

The Bottom Line

Nanotechnology is promptly excelling, and a large chunk of scientific publications in this field has been publishing every year. Developing and under developing both types of countries are paying great attention to the further exploration of the Nanotechnologies for the human betterment. To get the true benefit form, Nanotechnology requires equal participation of government, researches, scientists, and civil society.

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